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Best Assisted Opening Knife of 2016

A type of knife that people many times overlook and/or don’t know a whole lot about are assisted opening knives. These knives are really handy and can be used in many different situations and have tons of general purpose uses. So to help those of you out that are interested in these type of

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Best Tactical Knife/Combat Knife of 2016

Getting the best tactical knife isn’t just for soldiers who see combat regularly, it’s also for those that want to be prepared if and when the time comes they need to act fast in an emergency situation. The best combat knife is a great tool to have if you find yourself in a sinking

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The Best Self Defense Knife of 2016

Most people don’t think about having to defend themselves, until they either get a scare that makes them think about it or until it’s too late. Hopefully neither has happened to you and your being pro active by looking for self defense weapons and more specifically the best self defense knife of 2016. A knife

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