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The Best Machetes of 2017

Growing up we all had our own little quirks.  For most of us it was collecting action figures or cards, but for others, it was the thrill of getting a knife or form of knife or if you had a cool uncle maybe a Machete.  In this article we are talking about how to

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The Best Tomahawk of 2017

The Tomahawk comes originally from the Algonquian Indians in the early America before Europeans came to the land.  Native Americans would attach stones to wooden handles, securing them with strips of rawhide.  The best tomahawk has always had many uses since day one, not only can they be used as a weapon but also

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The Best Hunting Knives of 2017

We all have an inner want to go hunting.  There are those that are pro’s and those that are just getting into it.  In this article we will discuss what a hunting knife is, what to look for, and then the top 5 hunting knives.  We have tested and reviewed over 50 hunting knives

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