The Best Tomahawk of 2017

The Tomahawk comes originally from the Algonquian Indians in the early America before Europeans came to the land.  Native Americans would attach stones to wooden handles, securing them with strips of rawhide.  The best tomahawk has always had many uses since day one, not only can they be used as a weapon but also used for daily tasks or just flat out protection.  It wasn’t until the Europeans arrived did the steel blade aspect come into play.  This drastically improved the value, strength, durability, and purpose of the tomahawk.  Over the past few months we have sought out to test the best tomahawks in the world.  Since we know a lot of consumers don’t know the real value of a good tomahawk, we have done the hard part for you and have broke it down to the top 5.


What Is A Tomahawk Really?

A tomahawk by definition is a type of single-handed axe from North America.  It usually resembles a hatchet with a straight shaft.  The word tomahawk was derived from the word Powhatan, from the Algonquian Indians, in the 17th century.  Tomahawks come in all shapes and sizes.  A lot of people recognize the tomahawk from movies with Indians, a lot say that they are the most efficient with them.  The Indians used them for almost everything such as hunting, labor around the villages as tools, and even to chop meat up for dinner.  It can be the perfect weapon or tool for anyone honestly.  Each design has a purpose so when you go to buy one, make sure you know what you will need it for so you can make the best choice.  


What To Look For In A Great Tomahawk?

Just like any other tool or weapon, when you go out shopping for one, you really need to have a set criteria of what you want.  Whether it’s going to be just an at home tool for wood work or if you are a Navy Seal that wants it for protection at home and on the go.  Blade length and overall length vary from tomahawk to tomahawk.  Each handle/grip and blade design is made for a specific purpose.  We will dig in more with this once we reach the review of our top five.  One of the main things everyone should look for is durability and effectiveness.  No One wants a tomahawk that is going to buckle under pressure, break when hitting something hard, or only last a few weeks in the wild.  


The Best Tomahawk Review Of 2017

5.) Smith & Wesson SW671

Smith & Wesson has really outdone themselves with the SW671 Tomahawk.  It is made with a black 1070 high carbon steel.  The handle is unique with a black TPE overlay and comes with a nylon black sheath.  Smith & Wesson emphasize on high quality but low price.  The tomahawk is great for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and even law enforcement and fire safety professionals. Overall length is 15.9 inches and is lightweight and easy to carry.  

4.) CRKT Kangee

The CRKT Kangee tomahawk is a masterful weapon designed with 30 years of tactical tomahawk design experience.  It was designed for special forces troops for protection and close hand to hand combat.  With that being said, it has a range of uses from little utility tasks to self defense.  The CRKT Kangee is designed from a single piece of steel with a curved handle and a newly designed grip that allows a better and stronger feel in the hands.  The head of the tomahawk provides utility and toughness.  Made with a SK5 Carbon Steel head and an overall length of 13.75 inches, this tomahawk will be perfect for anyone.  

3.) Gerber Downrange

The Gerber Downrange Tomahawk is a straight masterpiece and can be used in so many aspects of life.  Its design is uncanny and can really be a great addition to any household or individual.  It has a beveled edge axe head, a hammer head element, and a pry bar built into the already amazing G-10 handle.  It has a 420H steel body that will not buckle under pressure.  The overall length is 19.27 inches and lightweight at right under two pounds (1.9 to be exact).  The design of the Downrange is meant to overcome any obstacle in its path.  The best part about this tomahawk is the triple purpose head.  The beveled edge can chop through drywall and can turn walls and doors into splinters.  All this while the back of the head acts as a hammer to get through door locks, hinges, and other like obstacles.  Last but not least is the third component, the pry bar at the end of the handle, used for obvious purposes.

2.) Condor Tool & Knife, TRT

Condor is very well known for their knife making designs and for their durability and effectiveness.  So when they made a Tomahawk, people wanted to see what it was all about, and they did not let us down at all.  Their tomahawk is a great balance between a weapon and a meat cleaver.  It has no one purpose, it has many and is great at many.  It is made with 4140 steel and has a spike at one end opposite of the blade and a pry claw at the bottom of the handle.  It has been tested in many occasions and has fully lived up to the ability to chop through the thickest things and penetrate and pry anything as well.  

1.) Hardcore Hardware Australia BFT01-G Tactical

Talk about a Tomahawk that is going to do some real damage to anything in its way.  The Hardcore Hardware Australia BFT01-G Tactical Tomahawk sets the benchmark in modern tactical tomahawk construction and design.  From top to bottom it is pure perfection with a length of 18.4 inches.  It was primarily designed as a MOE tool and the size and weight of it alone can penetrate or destroy most common building materials such as light steel and brick.  It can even break chain links and dead bolts.  It is constructed of D2 steel and has a pommel at the bottom of the handle with a spike opposite of the blade.  No obstacle can stand in your way with the BFT01-G.

Wrapping It Up

We hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the top tomahawks of 2017 and as always if you have any questions or comments be sure to hit up the contact page and shoot us a message.


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