The Best Swiss Army Knife of 2017

Swiss army knives have been around for many years but what a lot of people don’t know is that the name actually originated from World War II by american soldiers who couldn’t pronounce the german name for it which is “Offiziersmesser.” The Swiss Army knife was first produced in 1891 and originated in Ibach, Switzerland. Some people think all swiss army knives are the same but finding the best swiss army knife is something that can go a long ways in helping you out in many various situations. People tend to think all knives have the same purpose, so when searching for one online or in stores, you don’t always know the differences. Swiss army knives are really versatile but finding the best one can be difficult. So we have tested over fifty of the best knives on the market and found the top five for you. We put together this guide to help you not only find the best knife but to save you the time and effort of trying out each one on your own.


Your Guide To The Top Swiss Army Knife of 2017

What Exactly Is A Swiss Army Knife

The knife itself isn’t just a knife. It has many tools and features that make it the perfect pocket knife to have. Each knife has a set of features that can be used to make life that much easier. You can be the person with just 4-5 features on the knife to having up to 33 features on it. It has its main purpose of course being an actual knife, but on a side note it also comes along with a screwdriver, a can/bottle opener, scissors, corkscrew, and other miscellaneous things. Each knife serves a distinct purpose to its owner. Whether you are a city boy or a country boy, there is a knife for you which we will discuss and differentiate in our top five knives. By the time you are done reading the top five, you will easily know which knife is going to be best for you. Subconsciously we all think to ourselves as we read and think does this really pertain to me. So by the end, you can ask yourself which one does, and go get it!


What To Look For In A Great Swiss Army Knife

Each knife can be made with different parts that come inside. There is such an array of choices that you can have 3-4 knives all with different parts. This is what allows each knife to be so specific and distinct to one person. As mentioned earlier each knife can really suit each person differently. So when looking for a knife ask yourself what you will be doing most. What will you need it for? To open a can of soda, or to cut through wood, or even to tighten some screws? Where will you go and which knife will you need? In the next section, we will dive in and look at the top five and see what parts each include to give you a better perspective on what you might be needing it for.


The Top Swiss Army Knife Review of 2017

5.) Victorinox Signature Lite

The Signature Lite is starting off our review at number 5. This swiss army knife has all of the standard features but it also comes with a ballpoint pen and an LED light. The pen and LED light really make this knife stand out from its competition. This knife would be great to have around when doing miscellaneous things around the office or house. For example, coming home from work you could grab the knife and use it to pop open a nice cold beer or pepsi, or even sign the fedex package that was just delivered.

4.) Victorinox Farmer

The Farmer is 4th on our list and it comes with 9 features that make this knife a great option for anybody looking for a versatile knife. This exact knife is perfect for a person that does a lot of wood work or shop work, maybe even good for a technician or farmer. The name alone kind of suites itself. Farmers are always out on the land facing obstacles such as cutting down weeds, cutting wood, and even stripping some wire. Needless to say, the knife comes with a wood blade and wire stripper. Also the knife is standard with a phillips screwdriver. It is light in weight but considered a medium sized pocket knife.

3.) Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman

The Huntsman is our number 3 rated swiss army knife in our review. The name says it all, the huntsman, it is perfect for the outdoors type or the hunters. This knife has 15 features on it, making it a must have when going off the beaten path. One of our favorite features about this knife is that it comes with everything you need to go hunting. It even has a wood blade for cutting wood, a can opener for drinks, and even comes in different colors. Perfect for a good camp fire night with friends, family, and the recently hunted. It is classified as a medium sized pocket knife.

2.) Victorinox-Swiss Army Trekker

The Trekker is bringing up our number 2 spot. It is our first large sized pocket knife. It comes with 12 features on the knife. The 12 features are so diverse that you can use this knife in almost any scenario. It even has a toothpick feature and one of the biggest blades for the actual knife part of it. This is why it is considered a large sized knife. So if you have a lot of obstacles ahead of you, this is your knife.

1.) Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp

In our number one spot, we have the SwissChamp. This medium sized pocket knife comes with 33 features on it. Yes 33 features is not a typo. With all the features it really makes it hard to want anything else because no matter what situation you come across, whether it’s screwing in a screw, opening a bottle, or cutting a string with a good pair of scissors, the SwissChamp can help out.

Now that you have seen and read about the top five, go out and live a little, knowing you have the backup you need when you need it without having to be worried about being lost or confused in a situation. The video below will also help show so extra insight on just what these knives are really capable of. Enjoy!

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