The Best Machetes of 2017

Growing up we all had our own little quirks.  For most of us it was collecting action figures or cards, but for others, it was the thrill of getting a knife or form of knife or if you had a cool uncle maybe a Machete.  In this article we are talking about how to find the best machete of 2017.  A machete, by terminology, is a more broad blade that is used to implement things like an axe or a sword, more like a hybrid of the two.  A machete is also used by a lot of farmers to cut down weeds, or by hunters when out searching for spots to set up their camp.  They can be used in many ways to say the least.  In this article we will discuss the top 5 out of the 50 that we tested to give you the best knowledge about machetes.  After reading this, you should be more inclined to be sure about what you’re going to buy instead of just second guessing yourself.

Your Guide To The Best Machete of 2017

What Are Machetes?

A machete blade is typically around 12-18 inches long and around .12 inches thick.  Just the look of it is intimidating.  As mentioned earlier, you can use the best machete to do a lot of things.  For example, for agricultural work such as cutting through light brush, weeds, and even for cutting of thicker fruits like coconuts.  It can also be used as a weapon, for example back in the day machetes were the weapon of choice in many overseas militaries.  Since the arrival of guns, the machete is now used as a great backup weapon for more up close and personal combat.  Also, it is huge now for the futuristic look on things such as a zombie apocalypse. The best machetes come in all shapes and sizes.  There are the Kukri-style with a reverse curve, the Bowie-style that is more the american grade, and then the Latin machete that is actually most common among the “Americans.”


What To Look For When Looking For The Best Machete

When looking to buy a machete, there is really no wrong answer to what you get.  There is just a few things that can really help.  Of course you want a strong durable blade that is going to last you in the jungle cutting down vines and weeds or opening up coconuts.  But it’s not just about the blade strength that you have to look for.  If it is a combat weapon, you want it to be lightweight and easy to maneuver whereas opposed to if it is going to be used for cutting and chopping thicker things you might want a heavier one. Of course there is more to picking out a machete than just the weight and strength of the blade but we will be focusing on that more in the product review below.  


The Best Machete Review Of 2017

So the way these articles are designed is to get the reader to read on down to this point so they will read the individual product reviews in the article. Typically I will always do a top 3 or top 5 product review. I will list the products that are going to be included in the article so all you need to do is write 4-5 sentences about each product and what makes it stand out.


Keep in mind the products are going to be listed in a countdown fashion so it’ll go:


5.) Condor Tool and Knife Parang Machete 17.5-Inch

The Parang Machete is from Malaysia and Indonesia.  The jungles there are filled with a ton of wooded areas and vegetation.  Regular machetes just would not do the trick in these types of areas.  The Parang was designed specifically for chopping down thick woods and vines etc.  The machete comes with a leather sheath and has a hardwood handle.  The blade is composed of 1075 high carbon steel with a epoxy black powder coating that gives it a nice sleek look to it as well.  So if you go out in the woods a lot, or on adventures into the jungle, this is the machete for you.

4.) Gil Hibben IV Combat Machete Blade Knife

This machete itself of course is more a combat knife as the blade is 12 inches of 440 stainless steel and even has a stainless steel guard on the handle to keep your hands from sliding up on it.  Both the blade and the handle are very heavy-duty.  All together it is 17.5 inches long and the handle has a pommel on the bottom as well.  Comes standard with a top grain leather sheath.  This knife speaks for itself just by the looks of it.  It is one that needs to be noticed and put into your knife collection.

3.) Condor Bushcraft Parang 13″ Machete w/ Ballistic Nylon Sheath

The Bushcraft Parang is a force to be reckoned with.  It is made from a 1075 high carbon blade with sleek natural finish.  The handle itself is composed of high impact polypropylene that gives it an excellent feel.  The blade length is 13 inches and comes with a heavy-duty ballistic nylon sheath included.  This is an all purpose type of machete that is lightweight and used by a lot hikers because it is easy to store away in your backpack when hitting the trails.

2.) Condor Tools & Knives Discord Machete, 18-Inch

This machete does a lot of speaking for itself just by the photos shown.  It has an 18 inch blade that has an epoxy black powder finish and has a micarta handle that allows to be held and controlled easily.  Same as some of the other blades mention, the Discord also has a 1075 high carbon steel blade and comes with a leather sheath.  This machete stands out as number two on our list because not only is a top seller among our buyers, but it also has some of the best reviews and it is the biggest blade we have got to look at thus far.  Condor is one of the top rated producers in the industry.  This is one of their top possessions and are very proud of it.

1.) Cold Steel Gurkha Kukri Plus

The Gurkha Kukri Plus is the best machete of 2017 out of all the machetes we have tested this year.  It is made out of O-1 high carbon steel and are tested, heat-treated, and Mar Tempered in a state of the art factory in Taiwan.  These machetes could easily rival the strength and toughness of the japanese swords also made by Cold Steel.  The Kukri blade that has a downward curved blade has been named from the Gurkha Warriors of Nepal.  Each Gurkha Kukri is supplied with a Secure-Ex Sheath for protection while carrying it.  The blade itself is 12 inches long but can do some real damage if needed.  This is our most praised machete amongst our list.  It can be used for honestly anything from going hiking down to just protecting your loved ones.

Now that we have rounded out the top 5 best machetes of 2017 you should now be able to shop with confidence and find exactly what you need in terms of finding a machete.  It’s hard not to fall in love with all of them, but once you find the one, you will know!

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