The Best Hunting Knives of 2017

We all have an inner want to go hunting.  There are those that are pro’s and those that are just getting into it.  In this article we will discuss what a hunting knife is, what to look for, and then the top 5 hunting knives.  We have tested and reviewed over 50 hunting knives and will bring you the top five.  We do this to narrow down what you will need when out hunting and to eliminate the pain of staring at them in the store helplessly not knowing what is what.  There are many types of hunting knives, each with a purpose designed to help kill what you are hunting for.  You may think a knife is just a knife, but wait till you have an animal right in front of you.  Do you really think a pocket knife will do the trick?  A good hunting knife can be hard to find, but once you narrow it down and get one, it will stick with you for years and years to come.  Now it’s time to dig in and see what hunting knives are all about.


What Is A Hunting Knife

A hunting knife of course is used for hunting.  But there is no one size fits all when it comes to these types of knives.  Each knife or brand of knife is crafted and designed for a specific purpose.  The hunting knife does differ from the hunting dagger.  A hunting knife is used more to prepare the animal to be food such as skinning or gutting.  A hunting dagger is used more to kill the animal itself.  However, the hunting knife can still be used in many situations while out in the wild.  Since the knife is mainly used for preparing the animal for food, you see it only has a one sided blade instead of a double sided.  Some have straight tips at the end and others have a rounded top or hook.  The rounded and hooked finishes are used to prevent from damaging the skin when removing it from the body.  


What To Look For When Looking For The Best Hunting Knife

No hunter should ever be without a good knife, however, finding that perfect one is hard to do sometimes.  Now we will discuss what to look for in your next hunting knife.  There are fixed blades and folding blades.  Fixed blades are most popular and more heavy duty, better and easier for cleaning and gutting.  However, they are also hard to carry around and less safe during transport.  


The Best Hunting Knife Of 2017 Review

Now that we have discussed what the hunting knives are and what they should consist of.  We can now take a look at our review to find the best hunting knife of 2017.  Out of the 50 knives that we tested, here are the top 5 and what they can do for you and your hunting game:


5.) Benchmade – Mini Barrage 585, Drop-Point

The Mini Barrage 585 is one of Benchmade’s top selling knives.  It is spring assisted and combined with speed and strength to complete your hunting experience.  It features one of the strongest locking mechanisms on the market.  It can also be held in either hand for those of you who are ambidextrous.  Has a safety for both open and closed functions, comes complete with a lanyard hole and a reverse carry clip.  It is lightweight at 3.40 ounces and has a blade length of 2.91 inches and an overall length of 6.91 inches.  This is also a single sided blade.

4.) Folding Hunter Knife

    The Folding Hunter Knife, also known as the 110 Folding Hunting Knife was create in 1963 by a man named Al Buck.  He created the knife for those hunters that wanted a strong sturdy knife but didn’t want to carry a fixed blade knife around the outdoors.  It has a blade length of 3.75 inches and weighs about 7.2 ounces.  Just like our number 5 knife, this knife is also a single sided blade.

3.) Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife

The Beck BKD Campanion fixed blade knife is our first fixed blade knife on our list.  It is a good knife for multitasking.  For example, it is great for skinning the game you just hunted, or it can simply be used to chop some food around the campfire.  This steel knife is 1 pound in weight and the blade itself is 5.25 inches long.  Overall length of the knife comes out to be 10.5 inches.  As you can tell, this knife is longer than the other two we have mentioned thus far.  Although a lot of fixed blades are double sided, most hunting fixed blade knives are single sided which is good for skinning.

2.) Fallkniven NL4, Leather Handle, Plain, Leather Sheath

Fallkniven is known for making some of the best hunting knives around.  The NL4 is one of their top selling knives.  The blade is a little over 5 inches long and the handle is over 4 inches.  It is great for any type of cutting or skinning that you will need to do.  The knife is strong and durable and comes with a leather sheath.  This is yet again another single sided blade and can work in any situation.  

1.) ESEE Knives LSP Laser Strike Fixed Blade Knife

The Laser Strike is our number one knife on the list.  It is a single sided fixed blade with a spear point at the end and also has a more ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip and a strong thumb hold for skinning.  Blade length rounds out at 5 inches while the overall length of the knife comes to 10 inches.  The knife weighs just under 10 ounces and is made of carbon steel.  It is also one of two in our top 5 that have black powdered blade finishes to really give it a stylish look.  It is one of the top ranked knives in the world when it comes to hunting knives.  Giving it some of the best ratings for strength and durability.  This knife will definitely keep you prepared and ready for anything that comes your way.

Wrapping It Up

Now that we have discussed the top 5 knives, we hope that you can now shop with knowledge and make the right choice that will take you to the outdoors with experience and readiness.  

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