Best Every Day Carry (EDC) Knife of 2016

Today, we have assembled our list of the very best everyday carry knives for each budget. Keep in mind, the best EDC knife is not meant to be the ‘master-of-all-trades’. Sure, there’s always a much better knife for particular jobs like slicing tomatoes, sculpting tent pegs from a fallen branch, or skinning a deer. However, many of us desire a single “do-everything” knife that remains with us throughout the day. It has to be reliable, comfortable to wear, and perform well in a variety of scenarios.

There’s definitely no requirement to drop more than $300 on your EDC knife. You desire an excellent knife, but it doesn’t need to be a Chris Reeve Sebenza. Any among the knives below will serve you well in almost any scenario you’re likely to experience. Keep in mind, the most valuable knife is always the one you’re carrying when the need arises.

Ultimate Guide To The Best EDC Knife in 2016



Blade Length

Blade Thickness



1) Spyderco Paramilitary 2





2) Benchmade 940 Osborne





3) Zero Tolerance 0350BW





4) Spyderco Manix 2





5) Benchmade Griptilian 551BK





6) Kershaw BOnion Blur





7) Kershaw Skyline





8) Spyderco Tenacious G-10





9) Kershaw Cryo G-10





Ways To Pick The Best EDC Knife

There are certain characteristics you must look out for when picking the very best EDC folding knife. We go over the most crucial ones listed below:


First off, because you’re going to be carrying your EDC knife virtually each and every single day, you want it to be reasonably small and light. You should forget assisted blade knives and concentrate on pocket or folding knives for your EDC. Sure, there are larger and much better contenders out there, but an EDC is not always about having the very best efficiency. It’s about practicality. We suggest a swiss army knife blade length of no more than 3.5 inches and an overall weight of no greater than 4.5 ounces.


We’re discussing the blade and the handle. The blade steel needs to be tough enough to endure wear and tear and keep its edge for as long as possible. You won’t want to be sharpening your EDC each week. Now we cannot all manage premium steels like Elmax or M390, but these days, it doesn’t cost much to get an excellent steel like S30V. Alternatively, a good reasonable budget friendly option is something like 154CM or VG-10 on the higher end or even taking it a notch down with 440C, AUS-8, or 14C28N. Stay in this range and you’ll succeed. For the handle, we would advise the ever popular G-10 that is incredibly hard or possibly Zytel which is a bit grippier. Either of these will feel terrific in your hand, which is crucial for an EDC.

Best Everyday Carry Knives


In regards to features and functionality, it’s important to gamble. Sure, a 15-function multi tool will serve your every requirement, but at the cost of it seeming like a brick in your pocket. In general, a single blade will work for 90 % of your requirements, but a partly serrated blade includes added capability for those times when needed. A sharp tipped blade is also advised as we are frequently provided with tasks that call for a sharp point. You must also look for knives with a pocket clip which allows you to keep the knife useful at all times. We prefer pocket clips that keep the knife pointer facing upwards as they enable for swifter deployment.


Again, let me stress that you’re not searching for the world’s finest penknife here, but it is necessary that your EDC knife be of enough quality to use time and time again. We suggest purchasing a knife made in the U.S.A if possible. We’re not against knives made overseas, but we do tend to discover the American made knives are of superior quality in general. More importantly, you must ensure the knife has a robust lockup mechanism– the last thing you desire is for your EDC to close up unintentionally, which can trigger injury.

Rate Range

No strict guideline here, but we have the tendency to find that you’ll have to spend a minimum of $25 to satisfy the standard demands noted above. There are numerous fantastic choices in the $25 to $100 range and we have actually listed some of our favorites below. Of course, you can invest more than this, but we see absolutely no reason to shell out more than $175 on your EDC pocket knife. There are lots of exceptional pocket knives we know and enjoy that cost more than $175, but their area is not among the best EDC knives.

So What Is An EDC Anyway?

Best Everyday Carry Knife

For the uninitiated, it’s worth showing a little on exactly what EDC suggests. EDC represents “everyday carry” (or “every day carry“) and refers to things that you carry with you all of the time. These are products that are either important to your normal everyday regimen or things that you would not wish to lack in an emergency scenario. There is no conventional list of EDC products as each person values particular products in various ways depending on our personal preference.

However, there are a number of items that are fairly typical among the majority of us nowadays and include things like a cell phone, secrets, a watch and ID cards. A growing number of us are also choosing to carry products that prepare us for a range of unanticipated circumstances varying from the rather boring to harmful. Such products consist of things like a flashlight, first aid kits, and naturally, the reliable swiss army knife! This is what we imply by EDC knife.

Some people take the EDC concept really seriously and these “EDCers” are well prepared for the majority of any type of emergency situation or survival scenario that comes their way. Others merely decide to come with those products needed for their job or to provide peace of mind. While we don’t believe everybody needs to always become a walking survival shop, we do concur it is crucial to carry a pocket knife at all times (where permitted, of course) and thus we do extremely advise you select an EDC knife.

Now … go and get one!

You’ve reviewed our suggestions of the best EDC knives, so exactly what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself that EDC knife now!

The Best EDC Knife Review

5) Benchmade Griptilian 551BK

Okay, we’re stepping it up a little now with the Benchmade Griptilian. Benchmade is a great producer of high quality, trustworthy swiss army knives based in Oregon. Their Griptilian model with trademarked Axis lock has won the hearts of knife lovers given that it’s initial release was numerous years back. The fact is simple– this is a premium knife that stands out in practically every department and still costs less than $100.

The basic Griptilian (model 551) is not a little knife, but still little enough to certify as an EDC and weighs surprisingly little at under 3.5 ounces. The 154CM stainless-steel blade is flawless but you’ll hear some folks complain about the ‘plasticky’ handle which is Noryl GTX, but do not pay attention to that nonsense. In our opinion, it works very perfectly and provides exceptional strength to weight ratio. The Griptilian also comes in a Mini-Griptilian alternative (design 556) which is half an inch shorter and weighs closer to 2.5 ounces. Many will tell you this is the very best EDC knife and it’s our preferred EDC under $100.

4) Spyderco Manix 2

The Manix 2 is an outstanding penknife in a class of its own. Served up in S30V stainless-steel as standard, it’s technically a better steel than the 154CM made use of on the Griptilian, yet both knives remain in similar cost brackets, though the Manix 2 has the tendency to opt for a little bit more. At close to 5 ounces, it’s a little bit heavy for an EDC. However, for those searching for something more meaty, this is a genuine workhorse. Let me simply state that what it lacks in the weight category, it more than offsets in its capabilities. The Manix 2 is constructed like a tank and more long lasting than any knife we know.

It utilizes a ball bearing lock which causes an extremely solid lock-up– that blade will not be going anywhere when opened. The handle uses Spyderco’s textured G-10 product and the overall ergonomics are supremely tuned for optimum control. This might not be the EDC for your average Joe, but if you’re looking for something with a little more ‘oomph’ and made to laugh in the face of the meanest of jobs, then the Manix 2 is for you. Here’s my full evaluation on the Manix 2.

3) Zero Tolerance 0350BW

Okay, now we’re headed into premium area and the ZT 0350 is an outstanding contender for those with a bit more money to invest. The size of this knife resembles the Spyderco Manix 2 and it even weighs a bit more but we wouldn’t let that put you off. This newbie has high-end S30V stainless-steel, which is insanely sharp, and a G-10 manage with rough texturing to assist grip. It’s built more sturdily than the majority of other knives we know, yet looks hot enough to flirt with your wife.

The ZT 0350’s liner lock consists of more steel than the majority of knives employ in the entire frame and the locking system is tighter than a pitbull bite. Once again, it is large and some will try to convince you that this is not an EDC knife. Sure, it’s not for keeping in your swim trunks, but we believe this is a terrific EDC for those who want solid daily performance from a knife that will not start lacking when put to the sturdy test.

2) Benchmade 940 Osborne

Arguably near to excellence, the Benchmade 940 Osborne puts most others to shame. It’s ridiculously light-weight, yet constructed with remarkable rigidity and design genius that onlyWarren Osborne can provide. The S30V stainless steel blade is provided the Benchmade special treatment to bring the most out of it and holds its edge for an insanely long time.

Everything about this knife reeks of quality, excellence and appeal. Sure, it’s costly, but knife enthusiasts know it’s an imagine exactly what you’re getting. How in the world this knife does not even hit 3.0 ounces is beyond me … you literally forget it’s in your pocket the majority of the time. Stylish yet gifted, the 940 Osborne is fatal when you need it to be and gets the task done each and every time. Read my complete review here.

1) Spyderco Paramilitary 2

Lastly, you need to start saving all your money for the best EDC knife that will make your good friends green with envy– the Spyderco Paramilitary 2. Have a look at my comprehensive review here. Once more, Spyderco produces fantastic swiss army knives and this is among their finest. Even though the PM2 has the tendency to offer a bit less than the 940 Osborne, it’s often out of stock so you need to be patient. Still, the value is exceptional as the Paramilitary 2 checks all the boxes you desire for just half the rate of some “premium” knives out there.

It has everything that makes us happy; premium S30V steel, G-10 handle, and US-made. We have actually never ever seen blades so sharp out of the factory like this before. I could actually carry out surgery with it. Interestingly, the Paramilitary 2 features a compression lock which many may doubt, but it actually works surprisingly well. Never a tip of blade play. Supreme ergonomics that we get out of Spyderco and the general fit and surface is second to none. Unlike many other premium swiss army knives, this swiss army knife is made for general usage for those who actually value a good knife.

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