Best Assisted Opening Knife of 2016

A type of knife that people many times overlook and/or don’t know a whole lot about are assisted opening knives. These knives are really handy and can be used in many different situations and have tons of general purpose uses. So to help those of you out that are interested in these type of knives we have put together a review of the best assisted opening knives of 2016. We tested all the major brands in this category and came away with the top 5 that are worth not only your attention but your hard earned money as well. You can see the chart below and check out the individual knife reviews a little further down as well.

The Ultimate Assisted Opening Knife Guide of 2016



Blade Length

Blade Thickness



1) Zero Tolerance 0303 Strider Onion





2) Kershaw Skyline





3) Benchmade HK P30





4) Zero Tolerance 0350 Zdp-189





5) SOG Trident Tanto TF-7





Why an Assisted Opening Knife?

One of the first things you must ask yourself is “Why do I want an assisted opening knife?” This is the most essential concern you will ask throughout this process, as a knife for show does not always have to endure everything that a greatly made use of knife will have to sustain, and will focus more on look instead of standard function.

If you are looking for a knife for self-defense, for example, then you understand you require a practical knife that can take some abuse rather than a beautiful-looking blade that’s more flash than function. The very same holds true with any knife with an assisted opening system. So let’s dive a bit deeper.


There are few options when it concerns assisted opening knives. All them need you to open the knife to a specific degree before the opening mechanism starts to do the remainder of the work for you.

They work by utilizing a spring to open the blade, rather than gravity, which would have them categorized as a switchblade (which is illegal in many states and nations). Most blades have a security system in the form of a lock on them, however, this is not always the case and it is necessary to inspect this before buying so there are no regrettable mishaps with your brand-new knife.



Depending on usage once again, toughness is usually a significant aspect in identifying a blade’s worth. This is typically something you will hear knife owners complain about initially with knives that are substandard. Knife owners can be quite vocal if a blade does not measure up to expectations.

You can therefore examine a knife by reading forums, speaking to other knife owners, as well as taking a look at how long a knife has remained in production. Knife companies such as Benchmade have been making knives for over 3 decades and are typically noted in the leading 10 for various knives for many years.


Similar to a lot of swiss army knives, you can get the blade with one of various edges, all of which have particular purposes and they all have their ups and downs.

Best Assisted Opening Knife

Plain edge

The plain edge is great for doing slicing and smooth cuts. This is ideal for self-defense knives and versatile knives where you do not need or desire the knife to get ahold of anything. Rather, you desire it to slide through with very little effort.

Combination Edge

The combination edge is the best of both worlds, and yet oddly, is the worst of both worlds, too. It permits the user the chance of utilizing either a plain edge or a serrated edge depending upon their requirements. This makes it a great all-around knife, however like a Jack-of-all-Trades, it is the master of none.

Serrated Edge

The serrated knife benefits sawing through things when it has to grip and shred. Slicing through branches and rope are two prime examples of things a serrated edge is excellent at doing. With that stated, for jobs such as self-defense, a plain edge or even a combo edge would be much better suited.


The typical assisted opening blade is generally around the 3-inch mark. It is little enough to be carried and kept in the palm of your hand, light enough to be quickly opened and used, yet strong enough to endure a reasonable quantity of abuse. Assisted open knives are as fast, if not faster in skilled hands, to open as an automatic open knife, yet are legal to a more comprehensive market. This is the primary reason it is preferred by many as it is excellent at its job while continuing to be compact, legal, and easily accessible.

Best Assisted Opening Knives of 2016 Review

Below, we have actually gathered five knives that feature the assisted opening mechanic. Please use it to help you get a better idea of exactly what blade might be best for you. We have actually categorized each knife noted in the interactive table based on model, steel/material, cost, blade length, and client review score (thanks to Amazon).

Now, here are our thoughts on two knives particularly that we believe stick out not simply in terms of their quality, but their cost.

5) SOG Trident Tanto TF-7

Imagine yourself in a life and death situation like a car accident. You wake up and you are hanging upside down, being help up only by your seatbelt. This could be a situation where seconds matter and if you aren’t able to get yourself free, well you can imagine the worst case of that situation. But if happen to have the SOG Trident Tanto TF-7 in your pocket you can easily pull it out and press a button to have a blade right at your disposal. It could cut you out of the seat belt without even missing a beat. This is just a worst case scenario but it goes to show that this knife is meant to be used in tight spots and is something you’ll be glad you’ve got if you ever need it.

4) Zero Tolerance 0350 Zdp-189

This is the type of knife that is for the most part is the beginning of the top tier of the best assisted opening knives and also an EDC carry knife. The Zero Tolerance 0350 has a ZDP-189 composite steel that features a really cool looking textured matte black with G-10 scales. Many may consider this toward the limit of what may be considered an everyday carry knife considering it’s overall size and weight.

3) Benchmade HK P30

The P30 Assist is a nice little blade weighing in at 2.2 oz. with a 2.95″ blade and a general length of 6.75″. This blade is a collaboration with HK and is an import instead of their basic, military and gold lines, which are all made in the United States. Feel confident! All of the knives made by Benchmade have passed their strict quality control, and for that reason, ought to become a non-issue (and even if it does, your knife likely comes with a guarantee).

Like a lot of Benchmade knives, there is a choice when it pertains to the edge on the blade and you can choose either a combo edge or a plain edge. In either case, both alternatives have a customized drop-point pointer and both are made from 8CR13 stainless-steel.

This knife is perfect for an everyday carry knife and the plain edge would benefit a self-defense knife if required (although if self-defense is the primary function, there are knives that might be much better as the grip might become slippery in a sweaty hand or in damp weather).

In fact, the scales on the handle aren’t the very best– however, one might likely say that since the handle isn’t frustratingly grippy, it can be taken out of the pocket in a much more problem-free fashion.

In all, it is a quality product without Benchmade’s normal price.

The Benchmade HK P30 can be found for less than $70, and if you go shopping carefully online, you might even find it for a hair under $50.

2) Kershaw Skyline

Now undoubtedly, the Skyline is NOT an assisted-opening knife. However, I believe it’s small and efficient in easily being brought so well, it deserves a quick mention here. In truth, when it was developed, you can tell that size was greatly on their minds as this weighs in at just 2.3 oz.

The blade is 3 1/8″ long with an overall length of 7 3/8″. The steel made use of in this knife is the Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel, which is done by the very same business that supplies the medical steel made use of for medical devices. It is corrosion-resistant and holds an edge remarkably well and requires little upkeep.

This knife is not the most costly but performs past its rate expectation. It is little, active, and simple to manage, and while it may feel little in bigger hands, it will still admirably defend the individual who needs it for self-defense.

You can find the Kershaw Skyline online for about $80 or $90 on the high end and $45 to $50 on the low end.

Of course, this isn’t a “budget” cost, but remember, we’re discussing finding you the very best knife for the cash. In other words, it’s not about which knife is the most affordable, it’s about which knife provides you the biggest bang for your buck.

1) Zero Tolerance 0303 Strider Onion

Ok, we’ve reached the point of this entire article and that is to find the best assisted opening knife of 2016. Well wait no longer as the best knife in this category is the Zero Tolerance 0303 Strider Onion. Not only does this knife perform the best in it’s class with a top notch lock that secures the blade when it’s not in use but it also features a slick looking black blade with the black handle as well. It also features a ultra sharp blade that doesn’t require a lot of sharpening and will be there to help you out when you need it. This is also the type of knife that can handle some extreme circumstances and will perform time and time again. If you’re looking for the best assisted opening knife then look no further than the Zero Tolerance 0303 Strider Onioin.

Legal Issues

Assisted opening knives are favored over other knives due to their adaptability and their convenience of usage. However, they are likewise preferred over their close family members, the automatic opening knives, in that they are legal throughout the majority of the United States and the world.

Automatic opening blades are a special class of knives which are typically booked for military and law-enforcement usage, as they are thought to be too unsafe for the average person, which is fairly accurate.

The other reason they are unlawful and assisted knives typically squeak by is that these sort of knives can not be mistakenly deployed and has the adaptability of a pocket knife without having to pull the blade out.

As various nations, states and even cities have differing bylaws for and against assisted opening knives, it is essential to inspect the location where you are residing to ensure you are not breaking any laws in the purchase or possession of an assisted opening knife.


In all, buying a blade with an assisted opening mechanism has to do with the very same as purchasing any knife. It is everything about personal choice, where your priorities lie and ultimately your budget.

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